Hi everyone. That's me on the bike. I was hit by a car when I was 12 years old, riding back from the skating rink. 7 of my 9 lives were used up that day. I'll tell you the story when i see ya. The island was way different back then. I was a little wild here n there. Dont judge, you were too. Me, mostly with motorized stuff. Still am! I'm sure I have used up at least one more life along the way. I NEED to be careful! Bad Biscuit is full of little tidbits of our life and what we love in life. It's all over the walls, in the decor and on the menu. Funky and fun is a common description of our place and thats the only way I want to be! I've lived on the island for 46 years and have been the chef of our other restaurant, A Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant for the last 10 years. Why Bad Biscuit? Because I LOVE them, I love all day breakfast options and why not? And our biscuits are Bad To The Bone! We are here every day, serving fresh baked biscuits because any type of creamy sauce, crispy bacon, marinated shrimp or just some moonshine jelly is even better on a biscuit.

This restaurant is all about what we love. Be a little Bad, a little rebellious, have some fun & join us for biscuits and great daily lowcountry specials!